Monday, September 24, 2007

The first day

The first day at Philips research, leszek brought me to the phlips research labs, Since i did not know the bus routes.

I had a chance of meeting the team members and had a look around in the lab.

Problem statement:

The network layer functionality was added by one of the interns at philips (zahir) on the top of a n already written lower layers of (zigbee - ns2) simulator. APS layer was written by another intern (Michal), however the tcl entry point was still in NWK layer. Thus the arguments are passed to NWK layer which are then passed to the APS layer and which sent the result to the NWK layer again and then to the MAC layer. This doesn't make any difference to the functionality but it is against the layer hierarchy. One of my first works would be to shift the tcl entry point on the top of the APS layer.

Towards the evening, it was mostly reading about the problem again and again and to understand the binding of the various layers. I guess the most important thing in this task would be to understand the mechanism of message passing between these layers.

Work hours: 8:30 to 5:30